Digital Signage

Known to the marketing insiders as DOOH, Digital Out Of Home and Digital Signage market is an evolutionary way to bring outdated outdoor advertising techniques to the new digital age.

The DOOH market covers everything from giant digital billboards, to screens on vending machines, shopping mall and supermarket displays, screens inside lifts, or screens on the treadmill at your local gym.

Effective DOOH solutions will allow you to place your brand, product or service in front of your audience while they are engaged in a specific real-world activity. This is a unique advantage of DOOH over other digital marketing tools and techniques that tend to interrupt a customer during their digital activity (while they are surfing the Web, while they are using their phone etc.).

 Integrated Marketing DOOH and Digital Signage Solutions will allow you to reach your targeted audience in specific locations and within specific real-life context, allowing delivery of content that is timely, welcome, interactive and efficient.

Our solution combines:

  • Development of the digital content. Whether you are after a static branding signage or a dynamic, fully interactive digital ad, Integrated Marketing team of award-winning designers will have a solution for you.
  • Content Launch. We will make sure your ad is launched without a glitch and in optimal and innovative locations.
  • Content Refresh Services. Make sure your digital sign never goes “stale”.
  • Content Strategies. We will develop content strategies that will engage your audience and urge them to take action.

Make your digital displays impossible to ignore: get in touch with Integrated Marketing Digital Signage experts and let us help you create the most engaging content fit for any screen.