Virtual Reality

The future is here…

Only a few short years ago Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies were firmly confined to the domain of science fiction. But today the future is here – VR and AR are slowly but surely becoming, well, a reality.

This disruptive technology promises to change the way we interact with each other – think the type of change that the Internet delivered. So the smart businesses are looking evaluating Virtual and Augmented Reality tools today to ensure that their businesses remain relevant tomorrow.

Integrated Marketing will help you harness the potential of VR and AR. We will develop practical applications and create powerful marketing tools that will allow your business leap ahead of the competition.

Integrated Marketing Virtual Reality Solutions encompass:

  • Video Development – as the popularity of VR technology and application grows, so is the demand for quality content. Integrated Marketing offers an end-to-end production for your VR/AR content. Our team is experienced in creating the material that gives a true 360 degrees experience, whether viewed on a conventional device or through a dedicated VR gear.
  • Game Development – Integrated Marketing team designs immersive and interactive VR games on a range of platforms (Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, Google Cardboard and others).
  • Application Development – our programmers take a fresh approach to 3D App code architecture, developing immersive application on most of the available platforms.
  • Device Selection – why not leverage on the collective experience of Integrated Marketing in deciding the optimal VR gear for your marketing campaign.
  • Campaign Launch – Integrated Marketing offers an end-to-end solution to your VR marketing campaign, including pre-launch checks and launch management.

Whether you want to give your audience a VR product preview, enhance an in-store experience, and provide a VR assembly instructions or to simply allow your customer to re-live their experience long after it is over, Integrated Marketing’s Virtual Reality Solutions are your trusted VR experts.