Web Development and Programming

Let Integrated Marketing take care of developing and building the best website or online shop for you. Our team of experienced Web Developers and Programmers will deliver a product that will exceed your expectations, meet your timelines and budgets, and give your customer a whole new way to buy your products and interact with your brand.

Integrated Marketing will take care of all the technical programming aspects to ensure that your site has full desired functionality. Our creative design team will work with you to realize your brand’s vision through optimal layout, colors and graphics.

Our Web Development and Programming Solutions cover the
full cycle of the development process:

Website Development

  • Competition Research and Analysis – before we even start working on your website, we assess your industry competitors’ designs and evaluate their effectiveness. For a site with a wide product suite, for example, an easy and intuitive path to checkout is more important than for a site that is showcasing thought leadership. What keywords are your competitors targeting, and with what degree of success?
  • Content Development and Website Design – Integrated Marketing will help advance your brand, ideas and business strategy. Based on your objectives and preliminary inputs, we will write professional content for the website and propose suitable formats, layouts and graphics designs.
  • Full Website Creation – You will have choice of platforms, themes and templates, backend databases, and E-Commerce solutions, fully optimized for all devices. These can be tailored to your individual requirements.

Few tips…

  • The layout of a website is directly linked to a user’s propensity to buy from it and engage with you. If the purchase funnel is slow and cumbersome, customers may give up before the end.
  • You can subtly influence purchase decisions through cues like letting visitors know how many other people are browsing an item, or how many units of that item are left in inventory.

Technical Services we offer include:

  • Website creation (templates and fully dynamic)
  • Backend database creation and integration
  • Payment gateways setup and integration
  • Content creation and layout design
  • Competitor research and analysis

Website Re-design Services

  • Theme/Plugin Installation – Integrated Marketing will support you in adding desired Plugins to increase your site’s functionality, for example enabling visitors to comment on and interact with your website, or perhaps installing an RSS news feed for your news updates if your company is a prolific content creator, meaning subscribers can browse news stories by headline.
  • Bug Fixes – bugs are an inevitable part of the web development process. We will troubleshoot thoroughly so that bugs are identified and fixed before launch.
  • Backup, Cloning & Migration – A website is only as good as its data backup plan. You need to make sure that yours is infallible. Be secure in the knowledge that your data is regularly, automatically backed up and stored in a safe location. If you are renovating your IT infrastructure, and need to migrate valuable data, hire a professional to be sure the migration process runs without a hitch.
  • Backend Database creation and management – with a seemingly infinite variety of database software programs, knowing how to set up and optimize your system to suit your specific needs requires the guidance of an expert.
  • Social Media Integration (Sharing, Widgets) – Integrated Marketing will make sure you use all your digital channels efficiently by fully integrating your website with the social media channels.

Services we offer include:

  • Backend database management
  • Troubleshoot and solve software issues
  • Plugin and widget installation
  • Data backup, cloning and migration

Mobile Optimization

It is important to remember that websites for mobile applications – such as browsing on smartphones – not only use a mark-up language that is different from traditional xhtml-based devices, but also require dedicated layouts to ensure consistent appearance on smaller screens. Having your website optimized for all mobile and tablet devices is not only advisable, it is a necessity.

  • How can our service offering help?Integrated Marketing will reliably transcode your existing website script into XHTML Mobile Profile (MP), troubleshoot problems and ensure performance is optimized across all devices.

Landing Page

Having an attractive and captivating landing page is essential if you want users spend more than five seconds on your site, yet alone give you their contact details or buy something from you.  Offering services like free eBooks, weekly newsletters, webinars or other incentives is very important, but don’t underestimate the importance of simple page design and content, lest the message fades out among the competition.

Compare the following two ‘calls for action’:
-“Sign up here to receive a free consultation and price estimate”

-“Leave your email address and one of our team will be in touch to arrange
your free consultation, and give you a price estimate.”

Which of these approaches is right for you? What emotional tone you want to strike – are you professional and reserved in tone, or do you want to try and create a connection with potential customers and clients by using the personal touch? How do you strategically place your form field box so that it catches the eye and is not offset by distracting images and messages?

Let a marketing expert make these – and dozens other – page design decisions on your behalf, run tests on competing versions, and find an option that leads to the best user reaction. When you combine scientific methodology with a shrewd knowledge of behavioral psychology, results are almost guaranteed.

Performance & Security

  • Performance & Security – Integrated Marketing offers a special package targeted at exclusively testing your site for security issues.Two recent surveys have highlighted the fact that businesses, especially SMEs, are increasingly the target of cybercrime.Cyber security firm Symantec’s 2016 Internet Security Threat Report found that 1 in 40 small businesses are at risk of being the victim of a cybercrime, and that ransomware attacks are now targeting not only employees but smart devices within the hacked network, which may be central to business processes. In each case the criminals hold the device hostage until a ransom payment is released.The UK government’s Information Security Breaches Survey 2015 found that for small and medium sized businesses (SMEs), the most severe cost of a cyber attack can now reach as high as £310,800, up from £115,000 in 2014.
  • Our Bespoke Stress Testing Service – tests the site to pinpoint critical performance issues in your web site or web server that may prevent optimal experience for your site’s visitors.

Ui & Ux Solutions

Integrated Marketing professionals are skilled in both User Experience and User Interface design, and draw on aspects of both disciplines to create the perfect website design.

The science of User Experience Design (Ux) incorporates all the ways in which a product or services are interacted with by an individual; how the message is communicated, how it is presented, the color scheme, the order in which the experience is presented, etc.

Don Norman, a cognitive scientist and co-founder of the Nielsen Norman Group Design Consultancy, is acknowledged to have coined the term in the late 1990’s,stating that “User experience encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products.”

It draws heavily on consumer psychology to inform what is effectively the behavioral science of marketing.

User Interface Design (Ui) is comprised of the graphic design elements, i.e. knowing how to translate a design idea into a CSS style sheet that will make it happen. Will your ‘call to action’ button look better with embevelled edges? Perhaps you want it to take the form of an animation? Whatever we decide is the visual form your message should take, we have the expertise to make the dream a reality.

Game Development

What better way to engage your users and customers than in a holistic, totally immersive CGI (computer-generated imagery) experience? Integrated Marketing will oversee your concept through the entire development process, orchestrating graphics, runtime environment, narrative and consulting on the game’s aesthetic.

There is vast potential and excitement surrounding the possibilities of in-gaming marketing. Pokemon Go, which was released in July 2016, has already had more downloads than popular dating app Tinder. The game’s ability to integrate real-life locations like shops and grocery stores into Poke Stops showed how exciting users find the virtual-reality overlap.

Want to find out more our marketing game development solutions? Contact Integrated Marketing for a consultation.